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 How many pigeons are there in London?

Recent estimates put the capital’s pigeon population at more than a million. Most people who live in London would probably answer ‘Too many!’ Either way, there are certainly fewer in Tottenham since we worked our magic there.

We were called in for a pigeon control project at Heron House, alongside the canal at Hale Wharf. The location gave us a bird’s eye view – excuse the pun – of a day in the life of a working lock and I have to say there was something very peaceful about watching the rise and fall of the water as the narrowboats travelled through the locks. Of course, we didn’t have long to enjoy the environment – we needed to crack on with our pigeon-proofing mission!

Heron House has one balcony with a large solar shade running the length of the building over the office windows below. A good 12 metres of this is covered by the upper balcony – which had become the go-to place for Tottenham’s pigeons to roost and perch.

Pigeons versus Area Pest Control in Tottenham

Well the pigeons might have found it easy getting into position but, as with all bird-proofing work, access for humans is always a bit trickier. We won’t be beaten by a bird, though, so a lightweight scaffold tower was carried up the internal staircase and taken through the office, section by section. Once out on the decking the PASM-trained bird team erected the tower, allowing safe access to the solar shading.

We thought we’d got the difficult bit out the way – but no. Our first task was to pigeon-proof the underside of the overhanging top-floor balcony with netting. The net was only 12m x 1.5m – relatively small in pigeon-proofing terms – but because the gap between the solar shading and the underside of the upper balcony wasn’t quite a metre in height, it meant we had to work upside down to install it!

After that, installing pigeon spikes – close to 100 metres worth – to the top of the solar shading was a doddle.

Pigeon-proofing mission done!

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