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Pigeon Defender

All-in-one solution for pigeon-free solar panels.

Prevents reduction in solar energy output due to pigeon mess.

Evicts current pigeon inhabitants effectively.

Fortifies panels against future pigeon invasions.

Boosts panel efficiency and reduces noise disturbances.

Clean Panels, No Pigeons.

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per panel
(based on 8 panel array,
price reduces on
large arrays)


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Pest elimination services since 2010

“Pigeons had discovered the spaces under my 16 solar panels provided warmth and protection. I like birds but not pigeons with their awful noise during the early hours (4 a.m. onwards) cooing and scratching about on the tiles, and the mess and filth they produce 24 hours a day is horrible.

APC were excellent. Daniel Golding dealt with me in a reassuring and professional manner, did exactly what his website promissed, and was a delight to have on site. I would highly recommend the company and not forgetting Josh, who tiptoed around the roof for several hours with not a single tile damaged. They made an old man very happy….and feeling a bit younger.” – Edwin P

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Call Now! 0208 2266 198

Pest elimination services since 2010

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